About Laureen Lane

Laureen Lane specializes in personalized, aggressive representation. She knows that no two cases are alike and no two clients are alike.

Laureen Lane will take time to make sure you understand what is happening in your case. She will personally involve you in your case. Ms. Lane will handle your case herself and your case will not be handed off to a junior associate. She will take your phone calls herself, promptly return any phone calls that are missed, and not request the secretary screen calls.

Ms. Lane will conduct a thorough evaluation of your case. She will conduct the necessary research. She will talk to you about the options that are available and how each option will affect you. Laureen Lane will work for you.

Laureen Lane graduated from Cal Northern School of Law in Chico, California in May 2011. She worked full-time in the courts while attending school and caring for her family. The hard work and dedication she demonstrated while in school resulted in her being awarded the Most Dedicated Student Award, the Perfect Attendance Award, and the Dean’s Merit Award. She also received the Witkin Award for Academic Excellence in Criminal Law. Laureen took and passed the California Bar Exam on her first try.

Laureen Lane has worked in the courts in Northern California for over 10 years. She has worked as far south as San Joaquin County and as far north as Shasta County. Her work as a certified court interpreter has given her the opportunity to work on both sides of cases, the prosecution and the defense. Ms. Lane’s work with defendants, victims, and witnesses has served to provide unique insight into the criminal process. Laureen is a recognized professional and well respected by judges, attorneys, and court personnel.

As a court interpreter, Laureen’s goal is to promote understanding. As your attorney, her goals are twofold: first, to achieve the best result possible in your case, and second, to ensure that you understand what is happening and why at every stage of the process.

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