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Laureen Lane, Attorney at Law
Criminal Cases including misdemeanors and felonies
Immigration Law including DACA, residency and deportation.

When you are accused of a crime, you are frightened and concerned about how the criminal process will impact your life.
Should you talk to the police?
Do you have a defense to the charges?
What are the possible penalties?
Should you take an offer or should you go to trial?
What consequences will a conviction have on your future?
I can answer these questions for you.

In addition to achieving the best possible resolution of your case, my goal is to ensure that you understand each step of the legal process so that you can fully participate in the management of your case.
I will honestly, effectively, and competently represent you.  
I will ensure that your rights are protected. 

You have the following rights in a criminal case:
Right to an attorney
Right to confront and cross-examine witnesses that testify against you
Right to remain silent
Right to testify in your own defense
Right to a speedy trial
Right to present witnesses and evidence on your behalf
Right to a jury trial.
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